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  • Reenita Malhotra Hora

Episode 13 - The Shape-shifting Rakshasa

Arya wanders through the Coconut Grove looking for the non-medicinal plant as instructed by Medicine Woman. A beautiful spotted deer appears and Arya begins to follow it, thinking it has lost its mother. Arya follows it further and further into the dark forest and realizes too late that the fawn is a shape-shifting rakshasa sent by Ravana to stop his quest of saving the Ramayana. When the spell finally lifts, Arya is trapped and alone. In a moment of clarity, Arya finally understands the Medicine Woman’s riddle and the reason that Ravana is so desperate to stop him. Drawing from the energy within himself, Arya is able to escape and is more determined than ever to stop Ravana from destroying the Ramayana, which he now realizes holds the power to heal.


  • [00:06] Previously on Shadow Realm

  • [00:30] Arya enters the Coconut Grove near the backwaters

  • [01:50] Arya and Chimpu look for a non-medicinal plant

  • [03:35] They follow a spotted deer through the forest

  • [05:24] Arya falls under a rakshasa spell and is led deep into the forest

  • [07:05] When the trance is broken, Arya finds himself trapped

  • [08:26] Arya escapes

  • [10:23] How to support and connect with The Arya Chronicles

  • [10:39] Next episode teaser


  • As they walk through the coconut grove, Arya looks for the non-medicinal plant that the Medicine Woman had told him to find

  • A beautiful deer appears and they begin to follow it through the forest

  • Arya falls under the shape-shifting rakshasa spell and is led deep into the dark forest, leaving his friends behind

  • When the trance is broken, Arya is alone and trapped

  • Arya understands the Medicine Woman’s riddle that healing is already in his hands.

  • In the next episode: An avalanche of rakshasas are unleashed in the Wild Woods


Shadow Realm was written and executive produced by Reenita Hora. Based on her middle grade novel When Arya Fell Through the Fault, this story constitutes ‘Part 1 of The Arya Chronicles.

An original soundtrack was composed for this story by Kanniks Kannikeswaran (

Audio adaptation by Shane Sakhrani. Audio Direction and Production by Daniel Gonzalez and Gabe Mara.

The narrative for the trailer was voiced by Carnie Wilson (

The podcast features

Recorded at Studio City Sounds and The Room at Melrose.

Chapter 13 uses “Lake Waves Hjalmaren” by Owl

Chapter 17 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

Chapter 18 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

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