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  • Reenita Malhotra Hora

Episode 18 - Shadow Realm: Arya of Ravana's Passion

In a final fight, Arya comes face to face with the demon king, Ravana. Its’ 10 menacing heads manifest as demons from Arya’s life, and one appears as a mirror image of Arya himself. Shocked and confused, Arya is momentarily stunned. The demon continues to terrorize Arya as he stares at the Rakshasas-filled reflection of himself. But for the first time, the voices don’t phase him. Arya finally understands Rishiji’s many riddles and instructions. Arya knows who he is. He knows his true self and this shadow version standing in front of him was Ravana, not him. As the demon advances, Arya shoots his remaining golden arrow at the demon; his last effort to defeat Ravana and save the Ramayana.


  • [00:01] Previously on Shadow Realm

  • [00:26] Ravana terrorizes Arya with 10 demon manifestations from his life

  • [03:03] The last demon appears as a mirror image of Arya himself

  • [04:19] Rishiji appears to help Arya

  • [05:19] Arya isn’t phased by Ravana’s tricks

  • [06:30] Ravana attacks Arya

  • [07:58] Arya shoots his last remaining golden arrow

  • [09:09] Ravana is killed

  • [09:55] The canyon begins to collapse

  • [11:03] Arya and the Vanara celebrate their victory

  • [12:02] Arya thanks the Vanara for their aid in his journey

  • [13:33] How to support and connect with The Arya Chronicles

  • [13:53] Next episode teaser


  • Out of the flames, Ravana’s ten heads manifest as demons in Arya’s ordinary world

  • The last demon to manifest is a mirror image of Arya, i.e. his shadow self

  • Rishiji appears, helping Arya to see that this is not a reflection of himself but what he could be when Ravana controls him; this tenth head of Ravana is his Shadow Realm: Arya of Ravana’s passion

  • The ten demons are unleashed but Arya stands fearless

  • Arya tries to pinpoint which one of the demons to aim his final golden arrow at

  • He opens the Ramayana, looking to the story for help

  • He fires the arrow at his alter ego, his Shadow Realm: Arya of Ravana’s passion

  • Ravana is defeated and sinks into the canyon floor

  • On the next episode: Arya goes to visit the Medicine Woman


Shadow Realm was written and executive produced by Reenita Hora. Based on her middle grade novel When Arya Fell Through the Fault, this story constitutes ‘Part 1 of The Arya Chronicles.

An original soundtrack was composed for this story by Kanniks Kannikeswaran (

Audio adaptation by Shane Sakhrani. Audio Direction and Production by Daniel Gonzalez and Gabe Mara.

The narrative for the trailer was voiced by Carnie Wilson (

The podcast features

Recorded at Studio City Sounds and The Room at Melrose.

Chapter 13 uses “Lake Waves Hjalmaren” by Owl

Chapter 17 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

Chapter 18 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

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