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  • Reenita Malhotra Hora

Episode 5 - The World Turned Upside Down

In a matter of moments, Arya’s world is turned upside down. A car crash, where Arya was driving, leaves Ma severely injured and in a coma. Weeks pass without any improvement, Arya and his Pa grapple with the reality that she may be gone forever. Unwilling to say goodbye, Arya begins to search the ancient text of the Ramayana. There he finds meaning and hope, but will it be enough to heal Ma?


  • [00:01] Previously on Shadow Realm

  • [00:20] A car crash leaves Ma in a coma

  • [01:50] Weeks pass without Ma showing any improvement

  • [05:29] Arya and his Pa’s relationship improves as they spend more time together

  • [06:00] Arya’s Pa suggests they unplug Ma from life support

  • [07:06] Arya looks to the Ramayana for a way to heal Ma

  • [12:56] How to support and connect with The Arya Chronicles

  • [13:15] Next episode teaser


  • Arya and Ma argue about his Thread ceremony and his reckless behavior

  • A car crash leaves Ma in a coma

  • As the weeks pass with no improvement, Arya and his Pa have to consider taking Ma off life support

  • Unwilling to let her go, Arya searches for a way to heal Ma by looking to the Ramayana

  • In the next episode: Arya’s readings and dreams of the Ramayana come to life


Shadow Realm was written and executive produced by Reenita Hora. Based on her middle grade novel When Arya Fell Through the Fault, this story constitutes ‘Part 1 of The Arya Chronicles.

An original soundtrack was composed for this story by Kanniks Kannikeswaran (

Audio adaptation by Shane Sakhrani. Audio Direction and Production by Daniel Gonzalez and Gabe Mara.

The narrative for the trailer was voiced by Carnie Wilson (

The podcast features

Recorded at Studio City Sounds and The Room at Melrose.

Chapter 13 uses “Lake Waves Hjalmaren” by Owl

Chapter 17 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

Chapter 18 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

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