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  • Reenita Malhotra Hora

Episode 8 - The Vanars

Arya’s head spins with what he just heard: Ravana is alive? It can’t be! From the time he was a young boy, he had read stories of this demon’s defeat in the Ramayana. Yet the vanara tribe who have been threatened to near extinction and Rishiji, the wise sage he met earlier in the Wild Woods, all confirm it as the truth. For years, Ravana lay dormant but since his return, he has been seeking to destroy the Ramayana and rewrite history to prove that good never existed. The only thing keeping him from succeeding is now in Arya’s hands - the last surviving copy of the epic Ramayana.


  • [00:01] Previously on Shadow Realm

  • [01:11] Arya meets the Vanara tribe

  • [02:40] Arya learns of Baalchorni, an evil demon who has been after the vanara tribes

  • [05:21] The vanaras invite Arya to join them for dinner

  • [08:10] Arya tries to understand the very real threat of Ravana

  • [12:30] Arya is asked to help the vanara fight against Ravana

  • [13:44] How to support and connect with The Arya Chronicles

  • [14:02] Next episode teaser


  • Arya meets the friendly yet valiant vanar tribe, the only race capable of forming Hanumana’s army

  • The vanaras tell Arya about Baalchorni, an evil demon in the Wild Woods who preys on young vanaras

  • Arya is shocked to learn that Ravana is not dead

  • Rishiji, the wise sage of the Wild Woods, explains Ravana’s evil plan to take control over all the lands and how Arya’s epic Ramayana is the only remaining copy

  • Rishiji and the vanaras ask for Arya’s help to fight Ravana and save the creatures of the Wild Woods

  • In the next episode: Arya searches for a weapon and tries to understand Ma’s wishes


Shadow Realm was written and executive produced by Reenita Hora. Based on her middle grade novel When Arya Fell Through the Fault, this story constitutes ‘Part 1 of The Arya Chronicles.

An original soundtrack was composed for this story by Kanniks Kannikeswaran (

Audio adaptation by Shane Sakhrani. Audio Direction and Production by Daniel Gonzalez and Gabe Mara.

The narrative for the trailer was voiced by Carnie Wilson (

The podcast features

Recorded at Studio City Sounds and The Room at Melrose.

Chapter 13 uses “Lake Waves Hjalmaren” by Owl

Chapter 17 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

Chapter 18 uses “New Holland Honey Eaters 32x Slower” by digifishmusic

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